Beyond Static Art...Fluid Stills® has launched a whole new genre in the art world called “Stillism®," where the focus shifts from arriving at the destination of a static piece of art to enjoying the journey. 

The journey is the new destination.

Visual Art Curated Across the Continuum of Time

Why would you want to own Fluid Stills® Digital Art?

Walk around your favorite room filled with your favorite artwork in your home or office. Notice that if your walls of art are currently static - no matter how many times you look at your art collection -  it will always be the same. 

Now, envision adding the vibrancy of Fluid Stills® to augment your art collection!


Imagine if you had a Fluid Stills® artwork exhibit in your favorite room that becomes a river of constant change. A visual display of art that, when viewed, is in constant change...vibrant, dynamic. 

A marvel - actually.

Because changes in Fluid Stills® occur over time at the pixel level; below the ability to observe or discern perceptible change. Glacial in movement, but change nonetheless. A trick of the eye. 

So every time you and/or your guests glances at your Fluid Stills® exhibit, it is different, it is refreshed...it has changed - but you can’t quite put your finger on why.

This Fluid Stills® art concept is wholly unique, coming from the right-brain artist who is a left-brained technology expert...Douglas R. Siefken. 

The crossroads of art and technology have been pondered by millions, but mastered by few. Douglas R. Siefken is the rare master of both art imaging and patented technology that drives the visual intrigue of each exhibit he creates to deliver imagination to a new destination. With his imaging in constant change and movement, does it really arrive at a destination, or does it just keep breaking through the static framework of traditional art into an exhilarating infinity? 
You be the judge. 
Now THERE is the conversation starter that will captivate your esteemed guests over cocktails. 
   - YOU take the lead in explaining art infinity. 
   - YOU are the one to take art into the future! 
   - YOU can become a navigator in the art world. 
   - YOU can become the proud owner of a Fluid Stills® milepost as part of your special journey in life. 
Enjoy the marvel of Fluid Stills® in YOUR home or office. It will become the most talked about display piece in your exhibit. 
When you see our Fluid Stills® artwork go up for NFT auction, please bid with reckless abandon. 
Bid as if your own personal art world depends on it. Bid as if the new art genre of Stillism® depends on it...because it does.

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