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Douglas R. Siefken's Artist Statement... “Geisha and the Tides of Change”

Between my tours in Vietnam, I had some R&R in Japan. These times allowed me the opportunity not only to rest but provided me with a perspective of my role in the world order. I allowed myself to take respite in the concept that beauty and strength win the fight against the pain in battle.

The evolution of the various elements in this image reflects the harmonic order between forces of individuals and nature over time. In the beginning the moon is in the distance and color saturates the scene. The moon approaches the geisha taking away her power symbolized by a reduction of her vibrancy and size. The power of the moon also leaves her stranded in a star field, a stark and cold environment. Then - as the end of the video image is reached, the color and vibrancy are restored. The geisha resumes her power and the moon has receded. A complete circle of life has occurred with a subtlety that flows gradually and fluidly through the stream of time. 

 “Geisha and the Tides of Change” is the fourth in a series of geisha images. It has five major components. 

  1. Geisha
  2. Kanagawa Oki Uranami - "The Hollow of the Deep-Sea Wave off Kanagawa", woodcut (1831) by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusa
  3. Full moon
  4. Obsidian crescent path
  5. Night sky star field

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