Fluid Stills Art Exhibit, Cass Hotel, Chicago


Long Glance Media develops content for Flat Screen TV's, creating just the right environment for your social gatherings, relaxation or business use. The digital art on screen appears to be still, yet is produced with constant motion at the pixel level (not evident to the naked eye). Panel transitions can take place in sync with music if desired. 

Fluid Stills® are perhaps best "looked at as one would a still image" with an occasional glance, gaze or more prolonged perusal rather than "watched like a movie.” Each frame has all of the qualities of a photograph, painting or other piece of still art while the work as a whole embodies the temporal flow of a motion picture.

Fluid Stills® are created to impress, yet not overwhelm, the attention of the viewing audience. Music scores can be produced to professionally synch to each subtle art panel transition or the Fluid Stills® can be used in conjunction with other music sources. Patented ultra-slow motion continuously evolving art imagery creates the next art form for integration into your design, light and space to enhance well-being. 

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