Douglas R. Siefken

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Inventor, New Media Artist, Vietnam Veteran 

Douglas R. Siefken has 40+ years of experience advancing next generation imaging and software development. Doug began his career as a newspaper photographer in the mid 60’s and as a combat/aerial photographer for the US Navy during the Vietnam War and is a graduate of the US Naval Schools of Photography, Pensacola FL. While in the Navy he also managed naval photographic labs, taught photography and cinematography. He studied high speed and slow-motion photography and cinematography establishing the roots of his imaging patents. Since the Navy, he has provided digital imaging consulting services for companies including Adobe and Kodak and helped launch a microcomputer for Litton. He developed one of the first multi-media cross-platform digital portfolios and as President of Cyber City Tours, was a cutting-edge media publishing and content provider for Unicom, Cahners Publishing and others. 

Today he is a Founder, Inventor, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer for TransLumen Technologies with foreign and domestic patents obtained for graphic imaging algorithms that are incorporated in the visualization sectors of defense and aerospace applications for Gamification for Training, Observational Skills enhancement and Data visualization. Not only has Doug participated in think-tank strategies for Boeing, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and others in applying graphic technology to cognitive performance; he is an early pioneer of the ambient video art movement. His first public exhibit of the Fluid Stills® art form was sponsored by SONY on 02/02/02 at the Julia Friedman Gallery, Chicago. An 80-inch version of Doug’s Fluid Stills® Chicago Skyline was installed at the Hotel Cass Chicago in August of 2007 (still on exhibit in the main lobby). In 2008 Chicago’s Mayor Daley was flanked by two images from the Chicago Skyline series on large screens at a luncheon. Fluid Stills® currently has a strong Internet presence demonstrating its artistic uniqueness for creating serene, temporally streaming subthreshold ultra-slow-motion videos. This tranquil and harmonious art form obviates the visual noise and environmental disruption presented by other digital art alternatives. This art form is going beyond the presentation of beauty for beauty’s sake to being used as Healing Art. It has been installed at LaRabida Children’s Hospital, Advocate Healthcare, NIH Hospital and the Intrepid Center.


1980 Chicago School of Graphic Art Institute 

1977 Chapman University, Orange, California- BA Economics 

1974 US Navy Photography/Cinematography Schools 


2000 – Present TransLumen Technologies, LLC, Founder, Artist and Chief Technology Officer 

1994 – 2000 CyberCity Tours, Inc., President 

1992 – 1994 doug.siefken Images Photographer, Digital Imaging Consultant 

1988 – 1992 Margaretten, Financial IT and Application Development 

1985 – 1988 Third Bear Business Services Group, Partner 

1983 – 1985 Computer Emporium, Sales and Programming 

1981 – 1983 Litton / Monroe Systems, Computer Specialist OC8820 

1979 – 1981 Sherwin Williams, Litho Supervisor 

1968 – 1979 US Navy/USMC Combat and Aerial Photographer in Vietnam, Naval Air Intelligence 


Douglas R. Siefken’s photography includes fine art, combat, commercial, PR, portraiture, high altitude imaging, non-visible spectrum remote imaging and documentary. Doug has also been a Navy photographic laboratory manager, photographic/digital imaging consultant, cartographer, lithographer, editor and computer applications developer. As CTO/founder of TransLumen, provides visual innovation to Fortune 500, government and non-profit organizations. He was issued imaging algorithms for US Patents #6,433,839 and #6,580,466 and Canadian Patent #CA 2,404,292. Most recently he created a separate projects company, Long Glance Media to accommodate other artists in conjunction with the digital and video mediums known as Fluid Stills®. 


Douglas R. Siefken has led TransLumen to develop next generation visualization solutions for training using “Casual Style, Serious Gaming” serving Government and Industry to reinforce Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) for technical areas that serve the new Millennials demographic. He also has forged a new area of advanced observational skills training for operators to recognize subtle cues, hazards and physical threats in complex environments and enhance perceptual skills in security areas. Another area of focus has been the use of his  proprietary and patented designs and techniques to advance dashboard aggregation, navigation and to provide more actionable graphical user interfaces to improve the user’s ability to recognize real-time anomalies. TransLumen has been awarded FAA, NASA, Homeland Security and Office of Naval Research contracts. TransLumen has also had a number of project initiatives with aerospace companies, utilities and government and is an industry partner to the FAA Center of Excellence and Nasa’s Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) program. 


Douglas R. Siefken’s Fluid Stills® Art Illusions are a new genre of art merging with technology. The art imbues each digital frame with the integrity of an independent artistic Still that cohesively changes over time without any visible or detectable change as that change occurs, creating a serene, temporally streaming subthreshold ultra-slow-motion video composition. This tranquil and harmonious art form obviates the visual noise and environmental disruption presented by some other digital art alternatives.


± The Field Museum, Chicago – “The Asian Leopard in Fluid Stills®”, Diorama DVD 

± Current offerings: A Halloween Moon, Moscow v1.0 and Chicago v3.1 DVDs with additional art pieces available including using other artists work with the Fluid Stills® process

± The Hotel Cass (Holiday Inn) Chicago Skyline v2.03 a 2007 60-minute Fluid Stills Illusion that loops from photographic realism to artistic interpretation 

± The Alliance for Illinois Manufacturing & NORBIC – Artistic backdrop for Mayor Daley’s Luncheon 

± Billboard project in which Douglas R. Siefken was featured on Illinois highway location 

± “Masked Images” - 02/02/02 Julia Friedman Gallery, Chicago - Fluid Stills® Art Illusions sponsored by Sony 

± Exelon (formerly Unicom) architectural tour and history of Chicago 1996 

± “Sailor on Corner at Night” winner - 1972 USN pro-photographic fine arts competition 

± “Nostalgia i n View ” winner - 1992 “River North Exposed”, Chicago pro-photographic competition 

± Juried photographic art competitions including Chicago’s Old Town Art Fair 

± Implemented his technology in LaRabida Children’s Hospital 

± Over 10 DVD art product offerings on DVD utilizing technology and art expertise on Amazon 

± A Plasma Screen at every corner: Utopia/ Dystopia? By Dr. Sally Metzler 

± LaRabida Children’ Hospital – “Late Night Guitar” 

± Advocate Healthcare – a selection of Fluid Stills® imagery 

± NIH Hospital Fluid Stills® for bed ridden patient’s selection of doug.siefken’s work 

± Lydia Mental Health Facility Private Collections- Allstate, Zurich Insurance, Litton Industries, March of Dimes, Primerica, and Sherwin Williams


Professional Memberships 

± Electronics Crimes Task Force – Secret Service 

± InfraGard – FBI organized 

± FAA Center of Excellence 

± Nasa UTM for UAVs 

± Augmented Cognition International 

± Trustee for the Hektoen Institute of Medicine 

± Aerospace Medical Association 

± Nuair Alliance Publications and Contributions to Advanced Visualization 

± Chicago New Media Summit 08 - Art & Design – “Ambient Video Art” as an emergent art movement 

± Douglas R. Siefken (2002). “Intelligent Advisor for Multi-Modal Human-Computer Interface (HCI) Design White Paper 

± Douglas R. Siefken (2004) VTO whitepaper available at 

± "Subthreshold Presentation of Visual Information," Improving Pilot Performance Through Cognitive & Physiological Monitoring at Aerospace Medical Association 78th Annual Scientific Meeting 

± Paper collaboration with Dr. Richards of QinetiQ for AugCog International 2007 Augmented Symbology: A New Approach to Data Visualization 

± Boeing Phantom Work’s Autonomous Create Venture 

± UK conference committee for the Moving Autonomy Forward Conference, June 2006 

± Superiority and Assurance (KSA) Future Naval Capabilities(FNC)” 

± DARPA’s “Cognitive Performance: Force Multiplication through Human-in-the-loop Augmentation” 

± Siemens New Ventures Forum 

± Ketchum 2008 Innovation Award

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