Last Hand

To view the Artwork, please click on the image above. It will open an external window and take you to our videos. Please note that the artwork featured on is just a low-res render of the real (hi-res) Fluid Stills® digital art.

7-21-2021 UPDATE: THE LAST HAND EXHIBIT is now up for Auction on OpenSea! Click Here to Visit the Auction site! 

There’s finite time

In infinite space

To play out your life

At an erratic pace


Smell the roses 

Not the smoke

Seek out the promise

Before you croak


Extend your path

But show no fear

Tip your hat 

And set hi gear


Where others go

It matters none

Take your seat

But don’t be undone


Set your gaze up

Rise over land

Play the cards 

For Your Last Hand

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